Thursday, August 31, 2006

I shot this image about three weeks ago, also at a wedding I was photographing. I just think it's a cool shot. So, here's another old friend of mine who kicks ass- Timothy Briner. This kid is several years younger than I am, but his work is really mature and interesting. He's a story teller, a technical adept, and an irreverent, creative dude just doing his thing. Last I talked to him, he was working as a night desk phone operator in a seedy hotel in Manhattan to pay the bills, crashing with his girlfriend, and making his own work on fairly regular schedule, and showing it just as regularly. He first really came to my attention in 2002 when we both had work up in a show at the now defunct WhiteSpace Studio. It was an assistant's show, and 30 or 40 assistants were invited by the photographers they worked for to show their own work. It was an interesting concept. I knew Tim because he had graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography a few years after me. Pretty much all the H.I.P. grads in New York knew each other at that time- there were maybe 20 of us working in the industry in the City. But Tim's work was really suprising- beautiful, and very mature artistically. I was frankly blow away. Since then, he has gone on to do more and more really interesting stuff, and he is getting some well deserved recognition for it. Go, Tim!

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