Thursday, August 10, 2006

OK, in an effort to reform myself, I am trying to make myself put my work out there somehow by posting pictures and stories here. Today's inspiration is Shannon Fagan. He is a very fine photographer and a good guy I met while working in New York City several years ago. He was an assistant with me on a few jobs for a commercial shooter. He's a bit younger than me, and when we first worked together, I was the more experienced assistant on the job, and he was the relative newbie, at least with the guy we were working for. He quickly moved on to bigger and better things. He gained much deserved recognition his for outstanding work on of a couple of projects, and was soon enough out on his own, getting commercial clients, and is now doing the work he wants to do. Meanwhile, I'm still here trying to get my shit together. I do not grudge Shannon his success at all- rather, I see him as an example of the success that is possible through lots of hard work and taking some good risks. So. Here's what I think is a good, recent picture. I shot this one a few weeks ago at a wedding I was covering. I like it, even though the bride's face is obscured. What do you think?

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